Kayiu & Adam | Hong Kong Gold Coast Wedding

Kayiu & Adam | Hong Kong Gold Coast Wedding


What makes a wedding? Afro / Abba wigs, hip flasks and a golden hour sunset was a fantastic way for me to end 2018!

Kayiu & Adam had been planning their Hong Kong Gold Coast Wedding for some months (years!) and the details were beautiful. From the golden paper flowers on the brides & bridesmaids bouquets (that Adam hand cut himself!) to the wonderfully simple & elegant ladder flower altar, I loved every bit of their wedding day.

Then there was the fun stuff 🙂 Kayiu & Adam’s friends came from all over the world to celebrate with them. In the morning I captured the girls getting ready and the boys getting their “pre-game” on! The traditional Chinese picking up the bride followed and after some bargaining (don’t worry Adam, I wont ask for my HK$8.00 back!) the girls let us in. The boys donned the Afro & Abba wigs (which made Adam look surprisingly like his mum!) and made a good attempt some Cantonese in bargaining for the bride!

The wedding ceremony after the tea ceremony was in a beautiful setting by the marina at the Hong Kong Gold Coast Yacht & Country Club. Beautiful vows and happy smiles had everyone in tears and the golden sunset at the end of the day capped it off brilliantly.

The wedding banquet was held in the evening at the Yacht & Country Club. Great speeches and beautiful first dance (good moves guys!) rounded off a great end to the 2018 wedding season and certainly one of the most memorable.

Enjoy the photofilm of the day below…


- Saturday, 2nd December 2017 - Kayiu & Adam's Hong Kong Wedding Slideshow

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