It’s your wedding day…

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your lives and I don’t want you to spend it posing for photographs. I want you to enjoy your day as it happens, so I will not be setting up big flash stands or asking you to recreate a pose. That’s what make my approach Hong Kong Wedding Photography different.

I photograph you and your guests totally naturally; capturing a moment in time.

My presence isn’t like a distracting professional photographer who everyone tries to avoid, but more like a guest with
a camera, being quiet and considered.

Natural light is my specialty and during the bride & groom portraits you wont be waiting around for me to setup flash lights and putting you into fake poses. I want you to just enjoy being with each other – you’ve just got married! – and I’ll capture you naturally together.


…your story.

This is the one day of your life where it’s all about you …your story. I photograph your story of the day; the real emotions, the real details as they are, on your wedding day.

Your wedding is not about me and my vision for the day but capturing the moment as you remember it. That’s why I choose to focus on capturing the emotion and atmosphere of the day in a natural way.

The result is a beautiful story portrayed through pictures.

Told through your eyes …capturing your memories.

If you’d would like to know more about my wedding day style and approch then take a look at the My Style page. If you have any questions regarding wedding day photography then please contact me here.


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